IMOLA - driving school in Warsaw

Imola - driving school in WarsawOur school employs 30 best male and female instructors from Warsaw and its vicinity – these are carefully selected people from a large group of candidates eager to work at IMOLA.

We know how much you desire to drive and we also realise how stressful you find learning to drive. Each of us has gone through that. As we perfectly understand you, we will do our best to help you pass the state driving test. We will reduce stress as much as it is possible!

What makes us THE BEST in Warsaw?

The best driving school in Warsaw - ImolaChoosing our driving school, you gain thorough knowledge of driving. What is more, you save money! All you pay for is the course. The majority of our learners pass both the driving theory and the driving practical tests the first time round! You save on the test fee as well as additional driving lessons, and we spare you stressful situations. You do not believe? Check us out!

We are the only ones in the market to offer stress-free training.
We encourage you all to take driving lessons at IMOLA.
Instructors of IMOLA Driving School

IMOLA offices in Warsaw:

17 Śniadeckich St.
(next to Konstytucji Sq.)
phone: +48 784 555 555
Mr. Daniel Smoter


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